White backgrounds and their versatility

The White background is one of the most versatile backgrounds for photography. Let's have a look at two setupsRead more

Her - Behind the Scenes (Video)

Behind the scenes video of a recent project, I shot "Her". In the video, you can watch, how I use just one light and a reflector to achieve acceptable results.Read more

Nikon D850 Rumoured blurring the line between medium format even more

Whenever there is a rumour about a new camera, everyone gets excited and what comes, in the end, does not usually live up to the hype. Let's see whats new

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In this age, Cameras are a "Personal Choice" - How to choose the best?

We live in an age of technical precision. Almost everything is machine made, carefully calibrated to almost perfection. Designed and manufactured with the highest level of detail. More so when it comes to Electronics and Gadgets.(Even foods!). So how do you choose the best camera? its more personal and logical than you think!

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Do you need a light meter?

Many photographers starting out with Studio lighting get overwhelmed by so options, settings and controls. And looking around we notice the "pros" using a light meter. And we mostly jump to the conclusion that this wonderful gadget it what is essential to make the perfect photographs. But do we really need one?

In this short video I try to explain why you would and why you wouldn't need a light meter.

I will shortly write about how you can go about without a light meter.