Whenever there is a rumour about a new camera, everyone gets excited and what comes, in the end, does not usually live up to the hype. Let’s see whats new

I am pretty content with what D810 offers. Hence I am not really interested in what that camera specs are, but more in whats new. let’s see the specs according to Nikon Rumours

  • 45-46MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • Improved low and high ISO
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD touchscreen just like the D750 and D500
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the D5
  • No built-in flash (from the teaser picture)
  • Back illuminated buttons (from leaked pictures)
  • Joystick selector (from leaked pictures)
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (from leaked pictures)
  • 8K time-lapse video capabilities (from promo video)
  • The D850 will be on display at the Photo+ Expo in October
  • 4k UHD video in FX format (with no crop)
  • No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
  • Fast fps (8fps or more)
  • New: the D850 LCD will have twice the resolution of the D810
  • New: slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  • New: the SD slot will support UHS-II
  • New: improved LiveView split-screen display
  • New: improved silent shooting mode
  • New: improved battery life
  • New: lighter than the D810

Having used D810 for quite a long time, I am really excited about the following features

45-46MP Sensor

This is definitely good! with the market demand increasing for better resolution, this will be awesome for commercial work 😀


Finally! there are so many times I’d love to wirelessly transfer to my phone directly from camera

AF system from D5

I’ve had issues with D810 a lot of times focussing in poor lit conditions. Since most of the times, I prefer my subjects in dark clothes. This would really be helpful.

No Flash!

This is the only thing that worries me when taking D810 out in drizzle or rain. I never use this flash and especially with commercial work I am never going to use this flash. I would not want it to be there! Closed and tight is how I would prefer. Love this!

New: the D850 LCD will have twice the resolution of the D810

I’ve never liked the resolution of D810. Nor it’s colour reproduction. Hope this is good enough

New: improved LiveView split-screen display

Although I love the split screen feature of D810. There is no way to do this in the video. It would be so awesome to have a split screen in a video. Maybe like a small window in the corner to check focus. Since Nikon D810 doesn’t have focus peeking either. This would be a great addition.


Are you excited about Nikon D850? What are the features you are excited about? Share in the comments below